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Inverus Group® is a trusted provider of security, risk management and resilience consultancy services, tailored to the needs of government and industry leading private sector corporations.

Our clients’ partner with us to assist them become more secure, compliant and resilient; enabling them to thrive in times of uncertainty and increased operational complexity.

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Rise above uncertainty

We can assist you in mitigating security and disruption related risks, managing your compliance requirements, and in the delivery of high-end infrastructure projects involving complex integrated security and communications technology.

Sector focus


Our ICAO AVSEC PM qualified team will work with you to strengthen your compliance and aviation security program.

We take a unified and coordinated approach to addressing governance, management, technology, operations, and human factors.

Start the conversation.

We welcome questions from like minded professionals - ask us anything from basic security concerns to complex queries about your approach to managing risk, strategy, and design.
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